How to make your boyfriend like you more?

How to make your boyfriend like you more?

As women, we want our guys to love us a lot. But sometimes it’s pretty hard to reignite the flames of love. Work, personal life, things to do – all of these things distract us from each other. In these conditions, sex life can turn into something mundane very fast.

What to do?

First, be frank with you and recognise that you are getting lazy in the sack! Watch some of the famous pornstars in action. Observe them having fun, riding dicks as cowgirls, being fucked in DP and being drilled by men outside, right there in the forest, or some other adventurous settings. You need to work harder, move your butt more and basically stop lying as a log.

Second, dress up. Create some kind of a role-play situation. Act as a schoolgirl, milf or a detective.

When you do that, you’ll shake things up. And that’s what men really love. They love surprises and novelty.

Third, don’t underestimate the value of the foreplay. Consider texting your guy while he’s in office. Tell him all the things you’ll want him to do when you get home!