Take it slow in bed and you’ll have much more fun!

Take it slow in bed and you’ll have much more fun!

Many couples are wondering about the ways to rekindle the flames of love. Some choose to start practicing something extreme, like BDSM or threesomes. But the majority of couples just decide to cherish their time together and extend the foreplay.


First, if you watch some porn videos starring famous pornstars, you’ll see that some of the videos contain not just sex, but something else – watching others, doing felatio, doing cunnilingus or just flirting. This shows that just fucking from the get-go might be pretty detrimental to your sex life.

Second, just be nice to your woman and surprise with small stuff from time to time.

Sex is much more than the actual penetration during the coitus. It’s about feelings, relations and being together.

Third, try doing something adventurous. This will pump some adrenaline into your bloodstream, while also taking out of the beaten track when you have sex in your bedroom. Try fingering your woman outside in the forest, but don’t have sex right there on the spot. Let the moment sizzle and build up into some electric between you two.