Slow down your sex life to get more fun in bed

Slow down your sex life to get more fun in bed

Today, there’s so many porn videos that depict just the act of fucking. There’s no foreplay, no flirting and no talking. The reason for that is the fact that the majority of consumers are males who don’t need the preparation. As soon as the dick is erect, they are good to go.

But if you want to have more sex with your girlfriend, you need to slow down your sexcapades.

How to do that?

First, you should watch some porn videos with the scenario. For instance, some seduction sex stories starring Russian pornstars or public groping videos.

Second, look into the art of edging. This practice was originally created for men suffering from premature ejaculation, but this can help men go on for longer periods, enabling the woman to cum before they do.

Third, consider some kind of role-playing, massage or dirty talk for your foreplay innuendo. Don’t just start fucking your damsel from the get-go.

In particular, you can consider sexting. Tell her about all the things you are going to do to her this night!