Get the heck out of bedroom! It’s too boring

Get the heck out of bedroom! It’s too boring

Your couple is losing the fizz? Your wife is so meh when you want to fuck her. She’s not energized? She’s just lying there, waiting for you to cum?

Get the hell out of the bedroom. This place is killing your sex life.

Science is on our side

Scientists see that whenever a person is surprise, the brain generates a lot of adrenalin. And this hormone provokes lust in you. Thus, it makes pretty good – scientific – sense to fuck your woman’s brains in a completely unusual place.

Watch some of the hot pornstars around. They don’t just lay down on the bed, opening their cunts to be fucked, do they? No, they don’t. They stand in doggy poses, they jump on guys’ dicks, they suck cocks on the knees.

They are being fucked and drilled all over the place – on kitchen tops, in showers, in foyer, on the sofas.

This is not just good videos, but this is a hint for your couple! If you want to have fun in sex, you need to move around.