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Assembly on March 6, 2015

Claude Chevalier opened the meeting by thanking the vendors for their continued support of the association and sponsorship of the breakfast.

Dennis Chevalier presented an educational section on servicing pumps in the field. He stressed the importance of service and not just fixing the job you were called to do. It is important to look at the whole system and check everything so that when you leave some other problem doesn’t pop up. He described his position as being a part of “seal team six” because you are trying to fix things that affect people’s comfort and everyday life and they want it done now. He stressed communication with the customer. Let them know about what things will cost so when you hand them a bill, they won’t freak out and be unhappy. His final comment was to take care of your health and to choose the banana over the muffin when you can.

The second speaker of the day was Bill Mapes, training director for the Rutland Regional Ambulance Service. He talked about what to do before Emergency/Ambulance services arrive. He stressed calling when you need to and keeping the patient as calm as possible. He explained how 911 works and what happens when you call. He then spoke about heart attacks, signs, symptoms and what to do if they are present. Discussed aspirin and that Tylenol doesn’t have the same positive effect as aspirin. He then showed a video showing the pace of hard, deep compressions to the music of “Stayin’ Alive”. He talked about a new app for phones that alerts folks certified in CPR of local “possible cardiac arrest”. Went on to describe stroke symptoms. Bill described the treatment for serious wounds/bleeding and the changes in back-boarding protocols. Answered a question about electrocution. He stressed cutting off source of electricity before touching the patient. He discussed looking for the entry and exit wound associated with electrocution and that the exit wound is much more serious than the entry wound. He then talked about the fact that everything in between the entry and exit wounds is probably “cooked” and will need serious attention. A second question was about eye wounds. Bill told the crowd that you have to cover both eyes will always move in tandem and you want the injured eye to stay still. Flush the eye with lots of water. The third question was on caring for hypothermia and heat stroke. Caring for hypothermia would entail wrapping the area and gently warming. No rubbing and no direct, high heat. For heat issues, profuse sweating is a sign of a serious need to get cooled. Water with nutrients is necessary. Something like Gatorade, not energy drinks. Sugar and caffeine is bad for someone who is over heated.

Ken White presented the Technical Advisory Committee process and the new rules that are about to be presented. He talked about the multi-year process and the time that it has taken to get the State to understand what well drilling is like.

Claude presented some of the drilling stories from other areas including the deepest well ever drilled and the drilling disaster in Louisiana in 1980 where a drill went into a salt mine and emptied a lake.

Following lunch, Jeff Williams, President-elect of NGWA spoke on issues being followed by national. He also talked about webinars that NGWA hosts on various topics for free. He walked through the new well drilling construction standards book process. He spoke about

Claude spoke to the group about trying to get new folks into drilling as a profession because there aren’t many young people getting into the business. There was a discussion about internships.

Claude brought the business meeting to order. The minutes were motioned and seconded and approved.

Jeff spoke about the need to generate some income to keep our budget in the black.

The motion was made by Dan Gosselin to approve the budget, seconded by Chaz and approved.

Claude brought the slate of officers up for a single vote. Chaz moved to keep the slate of officers the same for 2015, seconded by George and approved.

The three board members up for election were put forward by Ken as a slate of Gary Lynde, Dan Gosselin, and Steve Meeker. Seconded by Jeff. Approved.

Margaret Laggis gave a legislative update. The next issue up for consideration is the lobbyist and Executive Secretary expense for the 2015 year. Moved and seconded and approved. Ed Stromberg suggested a weekly update go to all members with an email address.

Claude brought up the NGWA affiliate State fee of $325. Moved by Chaz and seconded by Jeff. Approved. Jeff brought up the free legal advice that we get as an NGWA member.

Claude brought up the American Groundwater Trust. It was decided to not donate to the AGT.

VGWA elected two delegates to the NEWWA. Jeff nominated Chaz and Jeff Cushing to serve on the NEWWA board. Approved.

Jeff talked about North Carolina and the fact that they have their vendors give products for an auction and raise about $12000.

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