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Assembly on November 11, 2014

Attendees: Scott Ennis, Heather Faulkner, Neal Faulkner, Claude Chevalier, Jeff Williams, George Spear, Jim Ashley

Called to order at 4:30 by President Claude Chevalier.

March 6, 2015 is date for annual meeting.

General discussion on issues before the Department including tagging and deep wells that have never been reported and are surmised by one guy who thinks hazardous waste is being stored in them.

Jim reported that Larry Becker the State Geologist is retiring at the end of the year.

Annual meeting discussion. John Kim has been working with a professor from Plattsburg State on geothermal. Claude thought that might be interesting.

Discussion followed on the 30% tax credit for renewable energy projects that are due to expire 2016. There is also accelerated depreciation of five years for heat pumps.

Jeff will give a run down on the national situation from NGWA, ANSCI and geothermal.

Possibly DOT to go over trucks and CDL’s.

Jim Ashley reported on the geothermal issue before the Public Service Board on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This also may be a presentation for the annual meeting either by him or Efficiency Vermont. There is a meeting on November 17 at 1 pm at the Public Service Board. Doug Dougherty put out 5 papers on geothermal that Jim hopes he can submit for the record.

Jim is looking into some ideas to lease geothermal systems to help gain support and increase installation.

Scott Ennis asked Jim to make a presentation on how some States have made their utilities pay people to switch to geothermal.

Claude wondered what the industry is doing to get young people into this business. There are no technical schools for drillers.

Abandoning wells was discussed by Jeff Williams and revolved around what a menu of options for abandoning wells might be other than having to completely grout them.

Jim Ashley is interested in no-bleed standing column wells. He is interested in developing a method of using sealed well, no yield. Won’t take or give water. He is interested in going after some Department of Energy money that might be available. The value of these wells might be geothermal where there isn’t a producing well.

DEC wants to make a presentation at the annual meeting about water supply rule.
Claude talked about the deepest and widest wells ever drilled. He said he’d like to see a presentation on them.

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