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Assembly on March 7, 2014

Claude Chevalier welcomed members and guests. He then thanked our supplier members for their continued support and breakfast sponsorship.

The first education topic was Variable Speed Drives. The first speaker was Chris Preston with Gould, then Tom Mitchell with Franklin Electric, then Dick Hatten with Grundfos, and finally Don Nickle with Pentair. All spoke of the drives they offer, the various functions of the drives, how to encourage homeowners to think of the long term savings of these drives, sales information and upcoming technological changes that we can look forward to in the near future.

Next Ken White and Claude Chevalier gave an update on the work of the Technical Advisory Committee work.

Craig Heindel spoke on hydrogeology and the movement of water and contaminants/pathogens.
Craig complimented drillers for both the work in the field and being helpful in the office.

He gave several examples of how water moves through various kinds of soils and bedrock systems. He talked about how the information that drillers have helped him make decisions for permits based on driller reports. He talked about isolation distances and soil types and trying to make each well safe without over doing the redundancy of distances. He spoke of the formation of water sources and soil/rock types and how they all interplay on water quality and safety.

Ross Trethaway spoke next about geothermal systems. Ross spoke about the choice of either closed loop or open loop systems, their plusses and minuses. He discussed design and things to remember during the process: size and type of pipe, well spacing, thermally enhanced grout, and pressure testing system. He also talked about using two tanks instead of one for maximum heat during cold times.

Ken and Claude talked further about the TAC and isolation distances and overshadowing issues.

Jeff Williams thanked Ken and Claude for their service on this committee.

Jeff introduced David Henrich NGWA board member who gave a presentation on the NGWA Cost Calculator. He talked about making sure that you think about how human resources and other fixed costs may be “hidden” and not included when you think about how to charge for your jobs. Depreciation is one item that can help with the bottom line if properly managed.

David then showed the group the cost calculator and explained that it is free for all members of NGWA.

Jeff Williams gave an update on NGWA. He is now Vice President of the group. Some of the issues that he is working on are getting the tax credit renewed until 2017 for GSHPs.

Claude called the business meeting to order.

Minutes from 2013 moved and seconded by members.
Financial report made by Jeff. Just need one more contractor to break even. Moved and seconded. Passed on voice vote.

Claude moved on to board member elections. Chaz nominated and George seconded Claude for President. Jeff nominated Ken White for Vice President. George seconded and it was so voted. Chaz nominated Jeff for Treasurer, was seconded by George. Passed unanimously. Chaz nominated Neal Faulkner for Secretary, seconded by George and passed unanimously.

Board members up for election are George Spear, John Gould and Scott Ennis. John asked to step down. Chaz Hinsley was nominated by Jeff Cushing, seconded by George and unanimously passed.

Margaret Laggis updated the group on the legislative issues in the Statehouse.

Jeff moved to approve the lobbyist expense and Executive Secretary fee. Jeff Cushing asked if the lobbyist would do the job for $5000 instead of $6000. Margaret said that she would not but that she would not be offended if the group so chose.

Fee approved.

Voted to fund the NGWA as an affiliate State.

Discussion on joining the American Groundwater Trust. No motion.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm

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