The Vermont Ground Water Association (VGWA) is the premier membership organization for well driller and geothermal installation specialists.

VGWA provides regulatory representation, lobbying and all necessary training and education for all license requirements for drilling professionals in Vermont.

Our board of directors meets regularly to stay up to date on the ever changing environment for well drillers. VGWA supplies members to serve on regulatory boards and advises State government on rule changes and their implementation.

The VGWA works to promote and educate consumers on the environmental and financial benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems. Our members are well informed and experienced working on the newest technology and installation guidelines for all sizes of geothermal application from single family homes to large commercial installations.


Drilling Product Suppliers

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Vermont Water Supply Division
EPA Water Sense
Green Mountain Geothermal

Drilling Product Suppliers

Blake Equipment
Goulds Pumps


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